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The e-cigarettes society has taken a massive heat

The e-cigarettes societies in America are very skeptical and annoyed about their future,  as Trump is considering to take drastic meters banning flavored e-cigarettes and setting the limit age of 21 and over  for the allowed smokers. The teens prefer to smoke flavored e-cigarettes, they have become massive consumers over the past few years so they believe an age limit should bring a solution.
 The discussion over the announcement has been going on from September and Trump’s administration appears to be reconsidering, but nevertheless vape shop owners are very concerned about their future as sails are going down rapidly.
But that is not their only problem, the so-called vaping lung disease has decreased their sales cause people are now afraid to vape, as there were more than 2,000 people sickened and also dozens killed by it. Health officials say they are not sure if nicotine vaping products are the possible cause but it has freighted many.
By May, the FDA will be doing a full review on p…

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