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Are dating sites the new norm?

  Many people use massively dating sites to find their true soul mates but unfortunately fail to communicate from scratch and the relationships formed there most of the time have a time limit. In the 21 st century the new hype is to have a relationship both in the cyber world, using internet apps to communicate such as facebook and instagram, but also interacting in the real world as well, but when you build your relationship by using an application to find your soulmate all the magic of a new acquaintance fails to exist and with it spontaneity, and the spur of the moment of the first gaze to the other person which happens to be in front of you in the right time at the right place. Some might say we live in a busy world where time limits and the lost of mood for going outside might lead the search of a new relationship online, but relationships can be found anywhere when you leave your house in the morning by going to the subway, getting to the office or taking a jog outside the h

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