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a celebration of democracy in Heptapyrgio

Heptapyrgio or other way known as Gentikoule is a Byzantine castle of the 12th- 13th century which at the 19th century till the end of the decade of 1980, became a prison for many people, among of whom the political prisoners which were prisoned at the Junta period (1967-1974), in the time when the military group took charge of the country after a coup.

Nowadays the Ephorate of Antiquities which is based there, wants to make the whole space of Heptapyrgio a true culture space, where art, culture, and history will come to life and give prominence to the previous history of the space but always with respect to its memorial status and remanence, so it isn't strange that the art exhibition entitled  "Democracy" is being held there from the midds of July till the end of this September.

This exhibition is a collaboration of the Archeological Museum, the Museum of contemporary art of Thessaloniki and the city's municipality office. The birth of the idea had evolved the pre…

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