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Don’t Trust – Verify

Since its birth, much has been said and written about Bitcoin.The Greeks use it as a way to invest in something and maybe gain from it at least for now, but its ideology which flourishes in the rule that your money is your own and don’t include joining a third party to get a transaction done,like banks or governments, is its first rule and purpose to follow for.
Mr George Tzegkas (aka Cryptocapitalist) who is a Cryptocurrency seminar speaker, member of the GreekCryptocurrency Community and head of the first and only Greek YouTube channel – Cryptocapitalist Greece, which specializes in analyzing the latest Global and Greek Cryptocurrency issues, explains in simple terms that the basic rule in Crypto but also in the new economy can be ascribed in three words -“Don’t Trust- Verify”.
Mr George Tzegkas
He quotes about Bitcoin that it was and still is revolutionary cause it delivers the breakthrough that you don’t need that third party interference to transact the value you want to transact to…

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