Don’t Trust – Verify

Since its birth, much has been said and written about Bitcoin.  The Greeks use it as a way to invest in something and maybe gain from it at least for now, but its ideology which flourishes in the rule that your money is your own and don’t include joining a third party to get a transaction done,  like banks or governments, is its  first rule and purpose to follow for.

Mr George Tzegkas (aka Cryptocapitalist) who is a Cryptocurrency seminar speaker, member of the GreekCryptocurrency Community and head of the first and only Greek YouTube channel – Cryptocapitalist Greece, which specializes in analyzing the latest Global and Greek Cryptocurrency issues, explains in simple terms that the basic rule in Crypto but also in the new economy can be ascribed in three words -“Don’t Trust- Verify”.

Mr George Tzegkas

He quotes about Bitcoin that it was and still is revolutionary cause it delivers the breakthrough that you don’t need that third party interference to transact the value you want to transact to another person, which more or less most of the time is money and points out that the Greeks who drink coffee and pay with Bitcoin are a minority for the time being and even if they will do so, they will only do it for the ideology beneath  it or for differentiation reasons.

Due to the fact that we as a country have Euros, we all can get along with our transactions easily for the time being, even though we are still in the unfortunate -black era of the capital controls. So the majority of the Greeks who own Bitcoin, own it as an asset for bouncing and investing into.

Many have become billionaires through Bitcoin and with in all the industry which it involves, but also many have lost huge amounts of money and maybe went to jail, as Mr. Tzegkas explains:”It’s like investing in a stockmarket, you have to invest not more than you can handle, learn what is the asset that you want to invest in and start buying small amounts-safety amounts”.

His YouTube Channel-Cryptocapitalist Greece is online from last February and through it the Greeks can find in their language usable and handy information about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency issues which are meaningful and helpful for them.

As for the GreekCryptocurrency Community, it is a community where you can cross and verify information, where the people who are involved have the knowledge and the spirit to help others and exchange knowledge about Cryptocurrency.

As for the three word rule “Don’t Trust-Verify” you must always verify and not trust everything and everyone who is on your way. You have the power to find the knowledge you need for every step you want to take in Cryptocurrency but also in real life, as long as you do everything step by step and setting your mind to work, by having your own opinion for every action that you take each and every time.