A new trend in Town dedicated to indoor climbing

Climbing is attached in the minds of many Greeks with nature but now slowly there is a turn to indoor climbing and studios which are dedicated into this alternative fitness activity are starting to be evolving in the cities of Greece, exercising the bodies of the attendees but also their minds.

Mr. Kostas Boubonikos, one of the couches in the only specified gym in Thessaloniki for indoor climbing explains that the body can be exercised with this type of activity, but it is not only about that: "You also exercise your mind since it is also a very mental athletic sport. To climb the different paths every time it takes you to concentrate and think them threw firstly and then coordinate your moves and get the balance you need in your body".

In Greece, indoor climbing has started before some decades ago in studios which were indoor in the houses of outdoor climbers, but gradually this whole concept started to grow, evolve and get spread around, leading to nowadays where indoor climbing is growing day by day.

Αs Mr. Boubonikos quotes:"For someone who is an outdoor climber this is a way to train to do better outside the next time, but for many its a way to exercise and continue their training in as an indoor activity. Nevertheless there is always the challenge to go to nature and try the sport into the real-life conditions in the heels and mountains". 

He notices that here there is a steady growth, maybe also due to the fact that in 2020 climbing is going to be incorporated as an Olympic sport in the 2020 Olympic Games.

In this indoor alternative climbing gym there are all the people of different ages and genres and the kids can attend by the age of four , you can see there that the age average in prime time is around people who are in their mid 20s and 30s and its because there is a turn to nature at those ages for exercising but also due to the fact that climbing is an innate activity coming from within.

Ms. Rania Futili is a University student and head of a canyoning team who learned about indoor climbing from her friends and now is very fond of this sport, as she quotes:" It is very different from all the other ways to exercise, because you exercise your mind also here and it is not as going into a typical gym and do sets of exercises repeatedly,  you can exercise all your body, each muscle".

One other woman Ms. Natassa Euaggelopoulou prefers indoor climbing as she mentions because its a very good way of getting away from your everyday reality. It has helped her as a way to break away after work and she finds indoor climbing very creative.

People are associating with each other there and there is the desire for exercising both mind and body, but there is not any part of the government in the whole indoor climbing activity events, but who knows maybe in the near future... after all it is spreading with a fast pace by the different social media platforms and from mouth to mouth  and setting new gymnastic goals for conquering life after all.

Many thanks to the unique
 indoor climbing gym in Thessaloniki