the actions we take against the climate change

On the 29th of November, there is going to be a worldwide day for alerting the people to take action on the phenomenon of climate change, as so in Thessaloniki that day, the team of Oikopolis is going to make a peaceful demonstration. 

As Mr. Dimitris Kanteres, a charter member of the team quotes "Oikopolis serves the needs for solidarity, ecology, and mutual assistance for the persons in need". Among their repetitive actions are organizing launches for the indigents, tutoring English and Greek language to the refuges, organizing ecology events and events for upbringing the climate change watchfulness.  They believe that "It is a combination of atomical and collective actions that can help in the resolution of the climate change phenomenon".

Mr. Xristos Gountinakos who is also a charter member of the team refers that the degradation of the environment isn't something new, it is going on for many years and the measures taken are from very little to zero. "The overall result is hurting the planet" he quotes, but never the less he notices that the young people of our country are taking a stand and try to energize the ecology consciousness of the elderly.

In a previous action, in collaboration with other ecological movements, they have made a deposition of their proposals to the city hall for Thessaloniki to sustainably be a green city and for the reduction of environmental pollution.

They both point out that we should enclose the usage of recyclable objects in our everyday lives as recyclable bags, cups, and strolls but also use products in many recyclable ways as so to minimize industrial production or even make the industry adopt more recyclable thinking.

Lastly, they say that animal husbandry affects climate change and by eating less meat it could be more positive for the environment, due to the narrow effect that it could have on the husbandry.