Conquering hapiness in life

Daily life decisions are based on every person's family experiences in childhood, the way we use rationalization in every situation and the choice to handle our personal phobias, according to Mr. Basilhs Tsiligkiris, Helper for self- treatment and writer of the book "The strength to change the Panda ( Panda is a cute animal but also in Greek translation it means  =everything).

According to Mr. Tsiligkiris "Our personal growth and inner strength are based on the psychological characteristics of our mum and dad progections, who first need to be ok psychologically and content in their lives, so there won't be following any negative attachments with their kids". 

He notices that people usually make choices accordingly to the sense of the two extremes. Either they are identical, or extremely opposite in their character of that of their parents, and also notices that  most of us tend to believe in something superior in a crucial time for help and guidance rather than the random factor of life.

"It's in our nature to rationalize everything, and choosing the best rationalization in our minds which usually matches the one our parent would choose. e.g. if something bad happens either we think it as a lesson for guidance, or something that maybe does not have so dramatical effect after all" he quotes.

He believes that with deep acknowledgment of our family's  pattern, with rationalization and by trying to treat our soul and wounds, we can truly become fighters in life and discover happiness again by conquering our goals.

In the book "The strength to change the Panda" there is storytelling about the author's relationship with his parents and soon, there are going to be published two more self-improvement and inner wellness books by Mr. Basilhs Tsiligkiris.