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The diffusion of neoclassicm in a 21st century multispace

Mirsini Linou, Boula Papadopoulou, Giannis Balafoutis, Rodolfo Lazaridis, Apostolis Lazaridis and Katerina Mamali,6 people with artistic and creative infuences created one place- Ύψιλον because as ms Mamali quotes they wanted to make a space to serve different interests like theirs and a space that was missing from the city.

Its a multispace which  was one of the few that survived from the big fire of Thessaloniki in the early 20th century and was used  back then as a stay inn for men and their horses where they could find a place for sleep, chat over drinks and meet women .

The graphic design identity and logo of the space is a cartoon creature that reminds a rooster but has heels over its legs because they didnt want to stay attacted by the gender of it, and as ms Mamali explains, its a creature that seems like a rooster due to the fact that in the old century buildings, over the roof the buildings had almost always a windshock with the symbol of a rooster and they wanted to keep t…

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