The Greek Opera is alive again

The Opera representatives in Greece as The Hellenic Opera Corporation have accomplished for some years now, to bring people together from different origins to the theaters and travel them with their stories to the world of Opera and Operettas.

As Ms Kassandra Dimopoulou the Artistic, Casting Director & Public Relation coordinator of the Hellenic Opera Corporation explains, even though they started their shows in London back at 2011, they decided one year later to move back to Thessaloniki and have this place as their base because as she quotes: "we are more useful here". From then on till now they are evolving the Opera scene in Greece and becoming part of the artistic day to day culture and life of Thessaloniki.

"There isn't an advertisement today which doesn't include an Opera song in it, from advertising food, insurance packages, phone applications, they all have Opera songs in them which is great" Ms Dimopoulou mentions and due to their love for Opera, their professionalism and their low rates on the theater tickets, people are attending their shows and are fond of their Opera spirit.

But even though many municipalities of Greece have been very helpful and fond of their energies, the Thessaloniki municipality office and the Peripheral of Central Makedonia haven't, as not so many years ago they, The Hellenic Opera Corporation maid a suggestion to them of creating a Public Opera which would be in collaboration with the local authorities and where there would be a participation of the Municipality's Symphony Orchestra, creating a workspace where local musicians and people would find new jobs, but unfortunately their proposal wasn't accepted.

Their recent play is entitled " O Baftistikos" which is a play by the great Th.Sakellaridis and is going to be played at the Music Hall of Thessaloniki on the 22th and 23th of December. The play is in  a colladoration with the ΔΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ Kozanis and the Borough Coversatory of Kozanis.

Their main concept and dreams are to show different Greek Opera plays and Greek Operettas abroad, so there will be a more growth of the Greek culture among the people of other counties, making Greece knows and heard for the positive reasons afterall.

Ms. Kassandra Dimopoulou