E-band, a community where music thrives

In May this year, a new net platform was created in Greece, making a breakthrough in the music industry.The platform is called e-band.gr and it’s all about gathering all the music Greek tribe together, where every producer, singer, band or any other shop and companies that are into the Greek music industry can find each other and communicate.

The idea came when Mr. Nikos Pavlakis one of the two co-founders of the platform wanted to find a guitarist for his band and faced some difficulties. As he quotes :” It was very hard to filter all the informations for the right guitarist just based on my add” so the idea of setting up a platform where you could see all the info for your music needs and not spend so much time getting the information through, led the e-band site to evolve into his mind and after his conversation with his co-worker and friend Mr. Savvas Kalligeris, it did not take long to get started. In fact, as Mr. Pavlakis quoted, they talked it through and the day they decided to start the platform was the day when they got their domain name.

For their love of music and musicality now with this platform every musician can make his bio online and place adds for every need he-she has, eg when someone wants to find another member for his band or even find a local technician for a show in another area of Greece he can find it there. Also you can find managers, companies, even radio stations for presenting your work there.

In the near future, a new category is going to be lanched and the musicians will be able to post their upcoming live shows. “It started from a small idea but it is growing every day” Mr. Pavlakis says and in the near future maybe his and Mr. Kalligeris love from music, may even start a whole new era from musicians and the whole Greek music community will communicate in the best way and present  to all of us, that in the 21st century Greece where the crisis isn’t over yet, great things can happen if we just communicate with each other.