they didn't deserve that ending, noone does

The first day of August today and this is the first editorial that is being written here for a while now, but now it seems like it is the most appropriate one for writing. A few days ago there was a big fire in the area Mati near the capital of Greece, Athens, many people were killed, more were injured and a thousand acres of urbanized and forest land including homes and colorful livelihood neighborhoods were ruined and burned away.

In one field the people didn't know what else to do in those horrific hours as the fire was coming close to them and when realizing there was no way out of it and knowing that the end was near, they hugged each other waiting for the end to come...

The only solution for the people in the area was going to the beach and diving to the water so that the fire wouldn't burn them, many of them even at the beach were killed due to the high volume temperature and flames which were close, sometimes even  "playing" with the surface of the water.

Dramatic hours for the whole country except maybe for one group of people who didn't take the responsibility, didn't resign, didn't say at least sorry but long after, just said with wooden language "we take the political responsibility".

And who is responsible for the lost of peoples brothers, children or neighbors, the souls who were fighting for their survival in Greece in these problematic economical crisis years and still stayed here, but also who were fighting with the flames that evening?

They didn't deserve this ending, no one deserves it

I truly hope that this "black" era in Greece will soon come to an end. The people are here and are trying to make the most of their lives here, but if things won't change in the near future I fear for the worst. The people don't deserve to die and be traumatized in a fire but also in each and every day of their lives and no one should have the authority to force that to them no matter who he is or who he stands for.