a different buzz from bubbllz

" We make bubbles when we feel loose and happy, it's a fun procedure which makes us feel like kids again", that's exactly what the app bubbllz represents according to one of its creators, Mr. Konstantios Mpatsiolas. It is a fun way which can be the means of communication between the people and the brands, which either way would be preferred by the users and at the same time get instant discount codes, participations to competitions and free gifts.

It is a win-win situation if you think about it, as the user has only to download the app and post a photo in his/her FB account or Instagram page and get instant acknowledgments and prices.

We are all leaving in a society where Kim Kardashian makes lots of money by brands but what about the power that all of us have over our friends in the social media (?), we are micro-influencers in everyday life also, so why not use that power to have a profit out of it or if you prefer,  a thank you note for our purchases by the brands we love to use.

With this app which is mainly used for now in Greece and Cyprus the user can post to his social media accounts the places he was drinking his coffee, had lunch or bought accesories and clothes and win acknowledgments and the company can advertise its brand more targeted also. As they say..the customer is the greatest brand spokesperson so why not get the most use in this circle ecosystem for the benefit of both sides involved.

It all had started when Mr. Mpatsiolas was participating in one project -competition, in which he did a case study about the relationship between people and brand awareness. It didn't take him long to start evolving the idea in his mind, made conversations with mr. George Thraskias one of the two other creators and managers of bubbllz who gladly excepted to join the project, then talked to the third person involved in this app, Mr. Panagiotis Xatzidakis (who was already involved in some other startup projects and had previous experience) and that was it, in 2014 bubbllz had launched up and was ready for usage.

The people who mainly use the app in Greece and Cyprus are in their teenage years or mid 20s going to their third decade of life and as the people at bubbllz have noticed, people start to shop more since the "big bang" when the crisis era had began. Maybe as Mr. Mpatsiolas quotes: "people may not shop expensively most of the times, but the markets are starting to come back and stabilise their profits more and more as the years are passing by".

Their next step and dream about bubbllz are to get involved into the Sports and the tourist leisure markets and also expand the app to abroad in other European countries.

People already embrace this platform and according to Mr. Mpatsiolas, its the only app that makes the public get involved in being an influencer and get profit out of it and as he describes, who knows(?),  maybe if one girl gets many likes while wearing her new Nikes they have the posibility of showing  this  to the company and the next time this girls makes a Nike purchase, maybe will get the items for free.In today's world, the future is up to people and with bubbllz the peoples use of social media can be prosperous and at the same time fun.

The growth of  startup companies in Greece is full of innovating people and ideas, people who are here to stay, be creators and change Greece, making the country full of opportunities and "tranforming" even  people into believing for once again in a better future after all.

Many thanks to Mr. Mpatsiolas co founder and CEO of Bubbllz for providing futher informations about the app