The diffusion of neoclassicm in a 21st century multispace

Mirsini Linou, Boula Papadopoulou, Giannis Balafoutis, Rodolfo Lazaridis, Apostolis Lazaridis and Katerina Mamali,6 people with artistic and creative influences created one place- Ύψιλον because as ms Mamali quotes they wanted to make a space to serve different interests like theirs and a space that was missing from the city.

It's a multispace which was one of the few that survived from the big fire of Thessaloniki in the early 20th century and was used back then as a stay inn for men and their horses where they could find a place for sleep, chat over drinks and meet women.

The graphic design identity and logo of the space is a cartoon creature that reminds a rooster but has heels over its legs because they didn't want to stay attached by the gender of it, and as ms Mamali explains, its a creature that seems like a rooster due to the fact that in the old century buildings, over the roof the buildings had almost always a windsock with the symbol of a rooster and they wanted to keep that old neoclassical essence into their whole space identification.

At the first level of the space you can enjoy coffee, cocktails and different drinks and also food, particularly seasonal food that the team members-owners have occasionally eaten in their trips and generally enjoy eating but without neglecting peoples opinion and preferences. They are into the whole Green culture and recycle almost everything they can in their kitchen, and they are also considering to input different- greener approaches not only to the take away cups and general philosophy but also are considering to change in the future the plastic straws which are used for serving drinks and cocktails for more eco- friendly ones.


The floor above the cafe-restaurant is a space that can be used for private or company meetings, exhibitions, and multiple events as it is spacious and transformable to every need, also in this floor, the team has their headquarter office.

Usable spaces for events on the 1rst Floor

Teams office 

The whole concept of the space is to bring out the history of the space and not be formatting it into neo-modernism and changing its whole atmosphere, they wanted to keep the essence of the neoclassicism era so the formations were based into boosting this aspect and evolving the place with discretion so that there would be a harmonious and balanced outcome.

In the upper coming year, there are going to be artistic music projects from artists from different origins and countries but we will have to wait for those announcements in the near future...

Thessaloniki seems to be changing, and these days in every alley it seems to be a different team of people that are sharing, occasionally whispering or even planing out loud their ambitions and dreams transforming the trends and society as it ought to be in the globalisational world of today.

Many thanks to .Ms Mamali who was kind enough to host, guide and give informations about the space.