Radio is no longer No where but just now here

Internet radios are popping out like mushrooms in the global sphere for a while now, some are here for a while and then they fade away, but some are going to be on air and seems to have the right tunes and vibes to evolve the digital radio scenery a little bit further... One radio that seems to have the old essence of the radio pirate ones when the radio team didn't seem to care about the boundaries and the stereotypes and aren't afraid of experimenting, trying out new things and harken for today's music world is Radio Nowhere

Radio Nowhere is an internet Radio created by two friends back in 2011. The idea of it came to them, when one late afternoon after finishing theirs sift at one beach bar when the sun was setting down and drinking their beer and listening to the cool off  music set of the DJ  they said, as Xenofon Vasileiadis (the one of those two) and now manager and the "soul" of  Radio Nowhere quotes:" Why not? Let's create an online radio, we have nothing to lose".

The name of the Radio came right away to them, based and named after the song of Bruce Springsteen, entitled "Radio Nowhere". The song is all about a drive in the American boulevards when trying to listen to radio but all of the tunes there, are completely automated and without evoking any feelings, even robotic. The catch phrase at the refrain is:" This is Radio Nowhere, is anybody out there?" so the main concept was to even say to all of us out there that with this Radio you can find not only someone but a whole tribe of people who are there for the tunes and the music of today's world but without neglecting the previews  music heritance of the past.

So with mainly rock character at first as Mr Vasileiadis was an old rocker and never Greek music playing threw it they started, but through the years their music identity evolved into playing different kinds of music like Rock, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Electronica but never youtube hits and never music that doesn't seem like music to their ears as for eg. some completely experimental sounds. The basic characteristic that a Radio producer must have to be a member in their team is a character and a true identity and all the other things technical and no- technical, as they believe can be taught and transformed as long as there is will and willingness.

They do not play or speak about politics, religion and athletic topics as they want the listener to cool off with them, as he or she would, when watching a favorite show or internet series. They are mainly influenced by the global music scene and also by the series they see as the internet series episodes of the "Sons of Anarchy" but also from different movies and comics like Marvel.

Mr. Vasileiadis (the headman of the station) quotes and answers to the question - Why haven't you been on the air and producing a show all those years?- by just saying that he loves being behind the project, managing and running it threw, and by giving a metaphor he blinks the eye and says: "there is a difference between a player in the field and a cough and if a cough will play he has to be the best influence for the others to follow" so maybe he gives it time and when the right time comes maybe we will hear him as well. He loves seeing though the mixture of the relationships that are evolving there among the producers who may come from different origins and beliefs in life and music but open their spirit and broaden their horizons and acquaintances there.

Their wildest dream back at that sunset hour at the beach bar has been accomplished, as it was that of people wanted to be part of this radio concept, be heard and make people feel pleasant and evoke feelings while listening to the radio, but never the less they still have dreams and plans for the future. 

From September they will be launching their radio website where you will be able to live stream their shows but also there would be on-demand shows, info, and music from the artists they have as guest appearances on air, continue their "Now here Sessions" with bands which are live recordings based at the Radio Nowhere studios and continue being part in music events in different clubs and festivals. Their future goal is to be able to gather 10 sessions of the Now here Sessions series and input them into a vinyl record. 

Radio Nowhere is a project which is based on the philosophy of having good times, mingle with people, enjoy and create experiences for the listeners and also for the team members, so stay tuned for more of them in the near future and the next radio season which is coming up right about the early September season which is going to be full of music and positive vibes, making everybody believes that there is not only somebody out there, but many people with thirst and lust about music and also thirst and love about the joyful experiences that music can accompany and surround all of us by.