An approach to human suppression in a theatrical play

Starting off the previous Thursday and played by three nights in the raw there was the premiere of the theatrical play "Colorful Women" in the alternative and archy space in Thessaloniki, Bensousan Han. This play begone to be played in Theater back in the 20th century but now it seems to have a more modernized air and is more up to date to the social needs of today's world.

The story in the "first reading" is about two sisters, Eli (Kalli Kuriakoy) and Anna (Tina Tzatha) who had felt social suppression and domestic violence and now are trying to get through their lives by reminiscing the past and having katharsis thought out it.

 The two sisters had a strong and unhealthy patriarchic model in their child life and puberty, as their father was violent to them in many ways and there was a Freudian approach to their whole existence, the outcome of their childhood led Eli to be a suppressed young woman with ingeniousness in her heart and Anna a rebellious soul who had to become a prostitute at the past for getting money to survive life.

As ms Kuriakou and ms Tzatha explain the play has multiple and trivial expatiations and every person may find a different meaning to give to those two women existence. Maybe they are the only reminiscence of that house, maybe they are ghosts, maybe they are interpreting only one woman playing with madness or maybe as they both quote they are 2 women which have the timeless characteristics of the suppression that many women may feel in their lives occasionally.

After the play, there is always a conversation with the audience because they both want to know the peoples' thoughts and interpretations of the play, as its a work in progress and every time there might be another breakthrough for them to consider.

"Bensousan Han is the two sisters home" they both quote as they explain why they wanted so much to have the Theatrical premiere of their play here and then play to other cities and festivals throughout Greece and Europe. They think that there is a certain energy that boosts the play in Bensousan Han as it's a neoclassical building where different people through the ages have passed by and that energy can be felt by the audience also.

They both are friends in real life, love what they do and see that the people in Greece love to go to alternative places for show performances but without neglecting the power of theaters as well. They believe that every play is a rebirth, and you have to know yourself so you can develop the role as you go. They aren't afraid of experimenting even though sometimes a role characteristic may haunt them for a while in real life but it is all about balancing life after all.

Ms Kalli Kuriakou and Ms Tina Tzatha at the set of the play at Bensousan Han