A place where dreams are dilated to no horizons

Welcome to the place where your dreams will be dilated to no horizons is the welcoming statement of the host of Bensousan Han, Mr. Stelios Dokouz when someone attends for the first time the space of Bensousan Han His view of the space is exactly that because he thinks there, every person can see his visions come to life, particularly if that somebody has a wandering artistic essence in life living.

This artistically influenced neoclassical space is included by 3 different levels, the main floor, the catacomb and the magic attic and beside it a building where all the big exhibitions and plays are performed. It is used by many artists, theater people and creators of all kinds, who attend, create and show there their performances, videos, photographs, and exhibitions, or even live-action role-playing games.

The main level is used for hosting seminars, speeches, workshops, and presentations as its scope is for those kinds of events, the magic attic is used equally for workshops, lectures, gatherings of groups of people and live performances and the catacomb which is the oldest part of the whole building is used among different occasion settings as of those for role-playing games such as the Requiem for Greece, which is a game where the attendees dress up and role act as creatures of the night. 

The theatrical scenery of the place mixed with its historical aspect as its been there since the early 19 century has brought a mixture of people to want to be part of its culture. 
Pictures of the catacomb

 Pictures of the magic attic

pictures of the main ground floor

The name Bensousan Han comes from the first owner of the place back at the 19-century era. Mr. Bensousan a Hispanic Jue origins resident of Thessaloniki first opened it as a place for people to sleep and stay overnight. The word Han originates from the word Hani which is the name those places where called back then.

In 1935 his ancestors sold it to a merchandiser, Basilis Zotiadis and its use then were transformed mainly for office spaces and shops. From 2012 Mr. Stelios Dokouz is renting the spot from Mr. Zotiadis ancestors and made it a home for archy alternative projects, he first visited the space as a performer in one theatrical play and after that that was it, he never left. Due to its continued usage, the place is in a very good and livable condition. The atmospheric scenery of the building and the indoor design of it can bring multiple levels of interaction with the visitors and because of that, it can boost creativity to another level.

The interest of people in Greece, mainly younger people is increasing now more than ever for alternative entertainment and as Mr. Stelios Dokouz quotes its a need for all the people in this era with all the problems political and economical that the country faces to create and attend more spaces that can bring a different energy to our every day living and he notices that this is happening more and more as the years pass.

Many different University students and people in their late 20s and mid-30s now want to know more and are educated about the culture of Thessaloniki by attending more the places that are giving to the audience those feeds either with classical info or sometimes the not so classical adaptational ones.

Many thanks to the host of Bensousan Han Mr Stelios Dokouz