Dot2Dot is a high-quality cultural guide-tour company based in Thessaloniki which the native public, tourists, schools and other companies and organizations prefer to use when they want a real depth educational tour about ancient historical spaces in Northern Greece in non-static, more creative and fun point of view.

When meeting the 2 leading members of the company, Kartsiakli Vaso and Christina Vraka I became even more certain that sigh seeing tours can be modernified and accustomed to the 21st century living needs and wants when there is will, persistence, devotion and love for the subject and the public.

All the members of the team are highly qualified with many academic degrees in their background studies.
They are an organized company who as Kartsiakli Vaso states want to lift up the people from their couches not just for going for coffee but to be tourists in their city for a day. Changing the habits of customed entertainment, seeing places in a different perspective and be more educated and respectful of the ancient history and civilization.

They devote many hours of their lives into planning the tailor made high quality tour guides but it’s worth all the effort they both quote, when they see the satisfaction and joy into the people’s faces while and after the tour.
While Christina Vraka was informing me about the social character of the company, the in-depth info’s about every project- challenge fascinated me even more.

Since 2014 they are into collaboration with the National Organization of Def People of Northern Greece and they have asserted into their guide programs special tours for people with those and other disabilities. In that way people with motion problems and other disabilities can join and be active members of society.

Dot2Dot is a high-quality cultural guide-tour company that is changing the way people see and feel about their city and the history beneath its ancient ruins and by knowing your history and knowing how to present the info’s to the public the future of Dot2Dot and the future of the city is innovating and full of challenges for many generation to come…