The shut up & write project

A small group of people is meeting up for 2 or more hours every now and then, downtown in Thessaloniki to a cozy coffee shop to just write their stories, novels or creative writing projects while drinking their coffee and tea.

There is only one rule: Noone talks for those two hours, only writing is allowed and as Alex Armstrong, the Thessaloniki Shut up & Write community coordinator quotes: "That way all of us can commit more to our writings and build a larger community of creative writers along the way.".

The members are sometimes newcomers like I was that evening , but also others who are attending since the begining of the project in Thessaloniki from March 2017.

Shut up & Write is a global community with many creative branches all over the world. L.A., N.Y. city, Texas, Tokyo, Australia, and Greece are the official hangouts for the time being but as long as there are people who are into writing and gatherings there is always going to be popping out of the blue another Shut up & Write meet up and maybe this time in a warm and cozy coffee shop near you.