The Vinyl is Back Project

The Vinyl lovers of Northern Greece were having a blast the previous weekend in the first ever festival elogizing about vinyl records and music after all, in the first Vinyl is Back festival in Thessaloniki.
The meeting was set at a multispace where thousand of records of many vintage,limited edition albums, second hand ones and new releases where placed neatly with complete harmony for the convenience of the viewers and the byers. Many people from different ages and music genres were gathered there and the positive energy was floating in the air.

Each day from the early evening threw the night there were bands from Thessaloniki and Athens playing live music, uplifting the spirit of all the attendies with their various Rock & Roll, Phycedelia and Rockabily music sounds.

It was the first ever Vinyl is Back festival in Thessaloniki but as one of the coordinators, Giannis Aleksiou stated, not the last one.So when the last day came he "closed the eye" to all the people in Thessaloniki for the next year and for many years to follow for more Vinyl is Back gatherings, as long as there is music and as long as there are all those vinyl music "freaks"!