Christmas market at the Cityhall

At the Cityhall of Thessaloniki (Greece), the spirit is already high for this weekend, in the 5th annual  Christmas feast which was prepared the previous weeks by many parties. 

Local food producers, Charity Organizations,a research team from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-studying the food habits from the ancient civilizations till recently, Franchised Global Companies and the City halls music band were some of the main key actors of this party's gathering.

Florina pepper producer company from the northern Greek region of Western Macedonia participated ,presenting different interesting products to the crowd.
Mushroom products from the region of Serres were placed carefully at the tables.The producer's innovating unique brand mastered mushroom chutneys and marmalades were luxurious and delightful.
Local charity organizations brought different products for all the attendees to purchase for the occasion, making their mark and their message heard loud and clear.

A global coffee company served free coffee to all, making an impact with this thoughtful Christmas gift.
The City hall music band with their Christmas and not so Christmas melodies (songs like beat it and smoke on the water were also played) were making an impact to this festivity alluring the people to keep on smiling and be happy with this particular happening.

Noon came and all the people were still there, no one wanted to leave and  the atmosphere was idyllic as it should be at least this time of the year, lets hope that the Mayor of the city will continue to organise these kinds of events because the people of the city need them to get away sometimes from the unpleasant reality and be part of something positive and extraordinary.