freedom of speech

There should be freedom of speech in the internet now more than ever.The essense of the birth of this global platform is the freedom of speech, expression and point of view even though in some countries it has be violently shutted down.

Excuses like the terrorist propaganda and fasism views are used like butter to the bread for some goverments, putting in the deepest sleep the peoples right for freedom.

Even in the youngest ages, kids in schools should be educated to be free and to have the power of their choices and opinions as when they get older they will not be intimidated and have the boldness in their opinions.But when the personal opinions conflicts the political interests, then it gets silenced most of the times.

The freedom of speech is a part of our constitutional laws and must be used to even control the wrong pages in the whole political system.Poliphony must never be shut down, it is a social need and medium. The goverments should give the right qualifications to all for the right use of speech and not to gag the cloths into the mouth of the civilians, in a world that is evolving and changing day by day, year by year...