December 1st

There is the everyday stuggle against the HIV illness by many AIDS victims and many organisations  who want to share awareness about it.

In October 2017 the British newspaper "Telegraph" had posted an article about a man who was accused of deliberately infected his lovers and sent text messages to them after their one night stand saying: "I have HIV LOL". It isn't the first time an insident like that happens and it isn't the last.

AIDS is caused when you are infected by the HIV virus. With the proper treatment HIV possitives can expect to live in a normal lifespan. Statistics show that a 20 year old person with HIV is expected to live another 53 years.

The virus had been identified not so far ago, in 1984 and from then on it's spreading with a high speed paste.

In 2017 36,7 million people globally are diagnosed with HIV. Many organisations, advocates and activists are united on December 1st in a world wide spectre to demonstrate and inform people about it.

Be informed and educated about everything and be informed today if you haven't already about AIDS in this commemorated day, for your own health and the health of others around you.