the working class vs capitalists

The working class vs capitalists. The unanswered question of who at the end of the day wins.
Of course some will say in a capitalistic society the capitalists win, but the working class, people who wake up every morning to go to work and produce, write, develop or design products that can be bought by others, they can be winners too.They are earning their dignity and life without giving up and fighting for their idealistics everyday.

The capitalists on the other hand, maybe they are the elit but they are facing everyday the reality also, good or bad, rainy like today or shiny.Maybe they have the money but we don't know the problems they are also facing.

So as the song goes:" the best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds and bees", true or not we are living in a capitalistic world with only a few exceptions, so just breathe it out and at least if you are facing a bad day or week it doesn't matter if you are in either party, you just have to try to be a little bit more optimistic because even thought there are those days... there are also others that are going to come.