The rave is still on

The rave culture is still on in Thessaloniki.Many raves are organised regurarly threw the year in spaces in the city, this time the theme of the Rave was particularly a festive one, as X-mas eve was close.
Before the party you could see a vague empty space with an outstanding full of  graciousness stage in the back where all the DJ sets where about to take place few hours later. 

People started arriving at the preciest time when the doors were initially opening  and you could distinques the young ages of the crowds.Most of them in their high school years and the oldest ones just in their 20s.

They were chilling out, drinking their iced water or a glass of lager, listening carefully to the EDM music of the DJs "warm up" set.

When it was around 12 o'clock in the morning the place was full of ravers and the party was starting to be firing up, Trap and Dupstep music were playing on the decks and the magority of the ravers were dancing, weaving their hands in the air and living the moment.

 They did not have any cares to hold them back for the time being, free from the problems and the must-haves in their lives.

As in Greece we are living the economical-crisis era, more and more people have the need for parting when they can and you can notice that in the air when an event like this happens, the people are always  there to back it up.


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