What is a domain name after all?

When you decide to start your own blog/web page on the net, the most enjoyable aspect of creativity of the whole process will be figuring out what will your domain name will be.

A domain name is a unique and personalised stigma address that the public will know you for. It can be a combination of letters and numbers. Every domain name has an extension at the last part,usually its com-commercial business,but it may some times differ,gov-goverment agencies,org-organizations(no profiit),or country ids like gr(Greece), or ca(Canada) can be used also.

It is an easy way to remember a  page without trying to mesmerise in your head (almost imposible most of the times) the internet protocol-IP address that computers meanly only use to identify a web page.

Domain names are typically bought by you from domain name registars or else known as the company providers. Usually it costs 14.99 per year.

When you decide to create a blog in blogger with the use of blogspot.com your provided domain name space will not be for a certain period of time and it's free of charge. The only caght there is, is that you will have the extension blogspot.com at the end. Many people don't mind that and occasionally they prefer it dye to the fact of the blog and blogger mainly aspect.

Be creative and unique in your own personalised domain name project,decide which platform or company you prefer best to use as the provider and after you can accustome your net space in the way you imagined and planned out for.


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