Blogs & Bloggers

A blog is a free social media medium for expressing your freedom of speech. Others do it professionally to earn money, or being popular in one kind of form and others for changing the game as we know it.

At the begining in the romantic blog era, blogs had the use of personal online diaries where people wrote their thoughts or things that they did threw out the days.

If you want to be called a Blogger you must manage or own a blog. The themes are vastless, politics,food recipies, fashion ideas or cinema and music are some of the topics concerning the mind of the bloggers.

They are the influencers of the future. A massive net tribe which brings infos and aspects of society in an unconventional way.

Everyone can blog as long as he/she has something to offer to the world that grabs the viewers attention.

Expertise is the basic skill needed at least in one field so that this medium is going to be productive, useful, practical and mainly viewed.

The landscape is changing,many blogs are rising and others are abandoned day by day.

The blogosphere and mainly the future is digital so with the right bloggers and topics delivered who knows, the posibilities are endless


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