C-30 Duets Vol.1 EP.a promising music project by Weatheredman for your cocktail times and more

The intro of the Weatheredman project soundcloud page states: “Weatherman performs duets with people way cooler than he is”…but he (Simon Bradshaw) and his mates have reached coolness levels a long time ago, from way back…

The front man has an extraordinary music bio, he is the singer and songwriter of the mariachi legends Roga and has already performed live in many festivals all around the world.

The C-30 Duets Vol.1 EP which was just released the previous month is a collaborative project with 5 artists who approach music from different angles.

 Aaron Paul’s duet with Weatheredman  is opening  the EP with the track entitled Hand in my pocket and even though Aaron is a pop-dance solo artist  in this collabe he is showing a more jazzy, laid back, smooth music character.

With r&b-Jazzy and Soul/Pop Recording Artist, Danii Roundtree, they are grooving all the way out in the track following entitled Too Much To Say I Love You.

The third song of the EP and the youtube video which you can stream down bellow is Salty Dish and with the  rock,alternative Diva of the UK LeeSun this song is definitely going to be a leading track of this whole music compilation.

Kim Jennett - also known as The Voodoo Woman - is the lead singer of Manchester metal band Voodoo Blood and she brings this thrashy element to the powerful forth song of the album entitled Party. She and Simon Bradshaw have great chemistry and it shows.

Rock Karaoke with Trisha McTeague is the best outro that the C-30 Duets Vol.1 EP could have. 

Concluding by chilling out tunes but promising to a Vol.2 EP to continue the party mood with more Champaign glasses to rise and more cocktail night to follow, this music voyage comes to the end,so check out Weatheredman's newest proposal and stay tuned for more music reviews to come soon in the near future.


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