Saturday, October 8, 2016

While we all keep on trying to make sense of our lives there are some days that we just want to find a shelter, a place to relax and be ourselves feeling free there. For most of us this place is our house or even our room,which we always should have it clean,tidy and well organized, especially for those unpleasant days that we may face once in a while...

When being there we can leave toxicity out of the door and instead we could light up a candle and as some people say "When we have a candle burning we can imagine and hope that all the things are going to be solved soon, or at least hope for better days to come".

So we have our candle lighted and we should just calm ourselves and go and take a hot bath or shower, and then get into our fresh cleaned comfy pj's for the rest of the night.
Make a cup of tea, maybe even red tea with some dried fruits in it that can relax and get you started for a soothing and full of comfort night!

Don't ever think like a victim but as a person who happened to be a survivor. Write down your feelings and if you are good with writing, when you will have another bad day, go over your writings and just see that the situation isn't so serious after all and you can handle it, as you did the previous time. So hope to have helped you and remember: We are all equals but some of us are more determined to be warriors in our lives, so just recharge your batteries today, and go outside again tomorrow.
That is where you belong...

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