Sunday, October 2, 2016

Morning = loud music + a big cup of coffee

Maybe try this morning listening to a little bit of Amy Winehouse,
particulary her track Valerie
to chear you up (kind of) and improve your mood!

Open the window and fill your room
with sun, if it's sunny where you live,
as to have a positive and organic feeling
in your first moments of the day.

Protect your inner peace in the morning;
happy thoughts and energy!
Detoxify yourself with a glass of water that you have putted in it previously
 some mint leaves, ginger pieces and cucumber pieces.

So personalise your morning time and if you like it,
maybe develop it into a  habbit and stick to it for a while.

+ remember, only you have the responsibility about yourself,
so breathe in and out and carry on throw your
own and beautiful morning energy boost!

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