Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's October, we are in the middle of Autumn 2016 and we all should get cozy with it. Maybe for many of us it's kind of hoarse to wake up in the mornings, especially in the weekends that there isn't a must do list for getting up early and we just want to snuggle into our comfy blanket for a little bit longer!

OK your alarm clock is just about to snooze for one more time, and you now have the right mood to get out of bed for another beautiful day, so after cleaning your face and your teeth, go immediately to the kitchen and make a big cup of coffee, my perfect morning coffee is full of semi-skimmed milk and 1 spoon of nescafe. Now, that at least I have my coffee ready, I start to put things that I can eat to my morning tray which I will carry on to my bedroom again. 

I prefer to eat around an hours time since I get out of bed due to my former dietitian words "You have to eat before the first hour ends from your morning beginning".
My ideal breakfast for now is oats and milk and to be specific 4 soup spoons of oats, a half cup of almond milk and 1 tea spoon of honey. This mixture is amazing, if you are in the mood try it, it will give you a really good energy boost!
Now is the time also to put some morning coffee music into my morning life to wake me even more,be more conscious and enjoy this mornings first relaxing moments.

PS: I have attached a link below for you from a song of Coldcut which I am listening these chill out work-free days, so have fun, maybe listen to some Coldcut as I do, and just enjoy your mind-freedom and everyday energy!

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