Thursday, March 10, 2016

Even though some of us are dealing with uncomfortable situations that have to be solved we always try to have a little “sanctuary” and comfort time. Generally the gym or some sport clubs are helping people to love their bodies and also give them another boost psychological and of course physical. We can see that people of all ages are thinking now that they should have more healthy and controlled physical health due to the fact that finally now we are bombed with many talk shows in TV or radio with good role models and that is just perfect and needed! Also doctors always say that even if you don’t have any time in your life and you are very bizzy you must find time to just go for a jog. As a result to all that we can see that the ages of mortality are getting higher year after year.
Elderly citizens must never neglect their health. Even if they are at an age that they are retired from their jobs they must have motivation everyday and try to be part of the society. Many must find hobbies in which they can have mental and physical actions and by having that power they won’t neglect themselves thinking that they are only old and not part of the whole society… if they give up then their future is going to be vague…

So young, old, everyone must be aware and fight for the quality of their life in a world where nothing is granted.

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