Thursday, February 4, 2016

In our society today where most of the countries are not doing well in their economy sectors and there is a crisis , a phenomenon of massive dismissals in many professions start to appeal, that sometimes creates a gap in many people’s work history. It can be anyone (you, me, your neighbor …) the next unemployed worker and many of us if we don’t do anything about it may continue to be unemployed in the long-term…

Relax, we can make that (the loss of our job) seem as an advantage by doing the right things and do not give up on ourselves. Think your long-term unemployment as a time off so that you can restart with different dynamics and eventually be a winner in your job hunting!! So instead of drinking your coffee in your house thinking miserable thoughts, feeling bad for yourself and also feeling as a burden to your loved ones who give you money because you cannot have them otherwise to pay for your obligations (water, electricity, heating bills among others) you should start from now a new way of thinking so that you can find eventually the job that you always wanted!!So let’s start from the beginning in conquering your goal.

The first thing that you must do is to focus on your own qualifications which make you different from the rest. We all are unique souls in the universe so we all have our own unique qualifications. Write them down in one piece of paper and begin brainstorming, put all the qualifications of your character, your degrees, and your previews work experience and start to see your own big picture. Finally there are 3 questions that need to be answered by you:
1st  What  do I want to be?
2nd What do I want to do?  
3rd What do I want to have?
Maybe now is the right time that you will discover another interesting professional road to take that you wouldn’t ever imagine before.

The second basic step is the really fun part. Make connections, meet people and be outside with new acquaintances. Wherever you are you must always be clean and dressed up right for the circumstances, be stylish and modern. If needed reconstract your own personal style update it for the year 2016 but always make only the changes that you like and feel comfortable in them.

So dear reader as my grandmother was saying to me when I was little “it is the whole packaging of yourself that counts, try it to be the most attractive one and you will be able to conquer the world”. Just remember you must have flexibility, honesty, commitment to your goals and the future will be all yours!!

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