Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to calm your inner soul in everyday life

We all have the need for some times  to “just be” and not think of others (family, friends, boss..) or of things that have to be done by us mentally (growing up your kids …) or physically ( make dinner, clean your house ..). Eventually if we don’t have inner balance we could easily get ill by the overdose of the information that we have to deal with. If only we can take 10 minutes for ourselves in our day and “just be” for those moments focusing on our breathing and our happy thoughts that is a good start...
In the internet there are many breathing techniques, especially yoga techniques and many people can easily approach and learn from them. Generally it is all about focusing on your breath and makes it deeper which will have the outcome of feeling more relaxed and calmer.

As for the happy thoughts we have to train ourselves just to focus on the kindness, the pureness and the positivity we had when we were little and be more positive even if we are surrounded by negative conditions. Just  focus only for a few minutes and  be grateful of your unique existence even thought you are facing difficult situations.

So feel like a fighter who will eventually win the battle!!

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