Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Every day the sun comes up and then it comes down, everyday there are winners, people who believe in themselves and manage to accomplice something better for them and their loved ones and there are also the losers who need to try harder to stand for their rights and fight day after day for a better future. Both in those categories must always have strength and believe that something will change in their lifes by having the motivation to do better!!

There are many things or people and conditions to inspire every one of us to make his/her dream come true. Others believe in conquering a goal and becoming better throw it or others take inspiration from their children and their pureness.

So nothing is not possible for all of us, we must have to believe it and finally become the inspiration for ourselves and for others. We must never give up if one condition doesn’t bring the desirable results, we just have to let it aside for a little while and come back to it later because as they say - we should have hope always during our lifes until the end…

Unesko is one organization that is a role model for inspiration in almost everything. Before not too many years ago we had millions of children in the world that didn’t have the right education they needed, no kindergarten, no schools and no universities. .. Now many of these children everywhere start to have at least basic skills with the education provided.

 In Mongolia there are many places in many Nomad villages whose people are hard to get to go to school because of the long and difficult distances so now their  government has mobile schools with tents that almost every 42 days they go from one village to the other so that the children can learn history and reading among other subjects and become equal with others from all around the world!!

We always must have motivation and never give up from our dreams as hard and difficult the situations we face are...We should focus and accomplice to do the impossible  as everyday people do , that is just the reality…

Thank you for reading this post and see you again around here soon!!

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