Thursday, February 11, 2016

Every day we are brainstormed with many informations. Some are serious (e.g. what is the government position to the refuges problem) and some aren’t so (eg. What color is trendy for painting my nails this spring)
How much information are we bombed within a day? The answer is... a lot…

So what do we do about it? (That is the question). My opinion is that when we are dealing with positive data for us we should hold on them so that we can have a happy feeling throughout our day but as the Chinese philosophers say when there is a yin there is a yang so we are also facing negative data everyday that we should minimize them in our mind.

When we are facing difficulties we should be brave and try to face them as a third person so that we can be more objective and if we cannot handle them , discuss them with a close person of ours in the right time to find a solution. 

It doesn’t have to be an immediate correspondence but a wiser and a more mature one.

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