Sunday, February 14, 2016

Every day people from all around the world wake up and every night they go to sleep, but doing that it obviously doesn’t mean that all the people are the same, of course we are all different with different characters, we face different circumstances in our family life, in our work environment and in our own free time... but there is a common goal for everyone of us and that goal is to be good in our health and mind. So we all have to start from today having positive thinking and begin good life habits such as to start going to gum, to smoke less frequently or to have a little bit more quality time with ourselves and with our loved ones.

So as the day starts from the morning  , here are some must follow advices to have positive energy starting from a good beginning which will make you to continue with creative - happy thoughts all day long:

When you will be in the process of waking up before getting out of the bed close your eyes for 5 minutes and empty your mind, don’t think – just be. Focus on your breathing for a little while, and then start making your breaths deeper so that your body and soul will feel more relaxed. Slowly feel grateful of what you are and feel love for yourself. Create happy thoughts for the day to come and slowly with all that in mind just get out of your bed.

Then go and wash your face, take a shower, make happy thoughts and also take few minutes just listening to the relaxing sound that water makes, if you want a good trick for relaxing while having a shower is to pour water from the back of your neck to the back of your body for 2-3 minutes , it can be very relaxing, healing and southing.

When you finish your shower you should go to your kitchen and while preparing your breakfast open the radio and listen to morning music. Do not start your day opening your Smartphone or tablet and connect with your social media, you can do that later not now that you accomplice your peacefulness with yourself, it is very early for anything like that!! Take a good and healthy breakfast and don’t just drink your coffee just thinking of misery thoughts.

If you follow the above ideas everyday for at least 2 months you will focus on happiness and the positivity of life and not the negativity, after all “you are what you think” so think positive!!

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