Sunday, January 24, 2016

happiness advice

In our lives we all have many role plays, in our family, business and personal moments and situations.
In the morning when you wake up slowly or not so slowly and start your day do you do anything to feel a little bit happier? I know you woke up with your alarm clock later as usual and you have to go to your job which you do it only for the money and you need to do it especially if you are the only person which actually have a job in your family, but if you can, just steal a little bit time, ok only for 10 minutes to do something for yourself.
Many of the people I know just steal that 10 minutes to just drink their first coffee and just be, the ultimate quiet time for a little just to make them wear their part and continue and go to their work.
This little time off of our everyday life is crucial not only in the morning but also in several moments in our reality. Ok there is the daily routine but think that you are not only that routine and if you think you are only that just wake up and change attitude!!!

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