Monday, January 25, 2016


Good evening !!  Today I have a really interesting subject to talk about. So the subject is about the burn out that we all faced at least once in our working environment.
A couple of years ago it happened to me and I was lucky enough that my recuperation was quick. In  the Western world this phenomenon is studied over 30 years now and it is frequent in professions that are related to  human relations, for example , a teacher who has to deal with people or a secretary or a doctor or a nurse  but also many other people of everyday life…
The symptoms are stress, physical or   emotional depression among others...I remember that I had depression and the only thing that I wanted was the ultimate quet time for days and fortunately I had my family close to me and helped me get over it. The emotions that I had at the time were sadness, emptiness and wickness, others might have heart problems, low energy, feel vacant …
So if you can relate to those problems I would advise you just to go and have the day off or the week off or if you can (as I could) leave immediately and do not go back. I choose me instead of the money and I don’t regret it even now.
 I don’t want to tire you more …So thank you for the company and see you soon in another post!!!! 

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