Wednesday, January 27, 2016

After our teenage years and early 20s we, women and also men tend to try more to have a healthier image of ourselves, so we try to exercise more often and have a slim figure. In the name of that some of us do exhausting diets which don’t have the best results in the long-term and some of us just give up on the image that we wished we would have (Thank god that we passed the “role models” of the 90s when you had to be very skinny even closed to anorexia if you wanted to be trendy, hip and noticed).

When we develop good eating habits we feel that we are more worthy and after a while when we reach our goal (weight loss) we feel winners so then we have a better psychology in everyday life!! So never say “tomorrow I am starting a strict diet “but “from now I will try to love my body and try to make it look and feel healthier than before and  loved”!!

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